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Mould might just seem like an annoying blemish that appears from time to time, but environmental mould can have a big impact on your health.

The key is to identify the source(s) of moisture unique to the site and the extent of moisture damage that supports microbial growth.

We provide recommendations to deal with moisture sources and address water-damaged materials and contents.

Our non-invasive inspections are undertaken and performed professionally, in accordance with generally accepted practices, using a degree of skill and care ordinarily exercised by members of its profession.

During the investigation, the following moisture-detecting equipment will be used to formulate opinions and recommendations.

  • A thermal camera is used to scan areas and rooms to identify temperature differences that could highlight a potential moisture problem. This enables a determination of where to specifically collect moisture meter readings.
  • Using a moisture meter assists in determining the various areas with a difference in moisture content and high moisture concentrations and to determine the best places to perform destructive testing for substantiating possible problem areas and moisture sources.

Our Hygrometer will measure relative humidity, dew point and temperature, helping to establish the risk of condensation on a surface.

An inspection camera is excellent for looking behind hidden places and HVAC systems to determine the level of contamination in areas not visible to the eye. We also use this if you require an invasive inspection of the plasterboard wall cavity.

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Thankyou to Leigh and the team at Airbourne Building Solution’s.  They were extremely professional from the start and took the time to explain what they were looking for and then such a detailed report without the jargon.

Emily Ward

We were amazed at how much mould was in our home.  Its always had a musty smell that got worse last year.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Airbourne Building Solutions and urge everyone to get their homes tested.

Jessica Green

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