Mould Assessment

Airbourne Building Solutions offers a comprehensive Mould assessment, inspection and report.

We combine a visual inspection and the taking of air samples to be able to obtain the most evidence so we can identify and eliminate the airbourne particulates in your building and bring your building back to being healthy.


We can customise our assessments to your requirements.

4 Steps to normal fungi ecology


Step 1

You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to determine potential health hazards, history of water events, areas affected by moisture, all occupants health and behaviour that could increase water vapor. This will enable us to have a good understanding pre-inspection.

Step 2

We will conduct a non-invasive visual inspection to identify any signs of moisture, condensation issues, visible mould and report on areas at risk from condensation or how moisture can enter your building environment. 

Step 3

(a) We will identify areas within the building prone to high humidity and (cold) materials at risk of condensation.


(b) We may use thermal imaging to identify temperature differences that may reflect a moisture problem.

(c)  We may use moisture mapping to determine areas affected by moisture that are supporting microbial growth.

(d)  We may take biological samples of air, surfaces and dust that will assist us to identify active growth and fungal particulate spread and the presence of pathogenic fungi.

Step 4

We will use an independent laboratory who will analyse the samples taken to see if there is a shift of genre between the outside and inside of your building. The results will provide the type and spread of the airbourne fungal particulate in the building.

All of the above steps will be included in our assessment report with photos of concerns and our recommendations to remove the source of moisture to return your building to Condition 1: normal fungal ecology.