Health Matters

Building Biology is a science using evidence based on information and testing to assess the relationship between occupants and their building environment associated with a water damaged building.

We can identify health hazards in your building by assessing your indoor air quality, relating to mould and its mycotoxins and endotoxins.

TOXIC MOULD is overlooked in Australia despite the connection to incurable respiratory diseases. In Europe and the USA it is recognised as a Class 11 bio-hazard alongside Asbestos.

WATER DAMAGED BUILDINGS with their damp, musty odours arise from microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs).

PATHOGENIC FUNGI generate spores containing mycotoxins and particulates and can be detected on our air and surface sampling.

 * Asperguills spp

 * Chaetomium 

 * Stacybotrys (Black mould)


 Some of the known associated adverse health effects are as follows:-

 * Allergic reactions

 * Infections

 * Inflammation

 * Eye, nose, and throat irritation

 * Headaches and dizziness

 * Fatigue (general or chronic)

 * Difficulty concentrating or poor memory

 * Exacerbation of allergies and asthma

 * Insomnia or poor sleep quality



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